Our November 2023 Release

By Richard on Nov 7 2023
Our November 2023 Release

We've been working hard to keep improving our product and make it easier to use and we're happy to say that our November 2023 release is now live with a big new feature, and lots of smaller quality of life improvements.

Automation Rules Now Available!

Our Rules engine is now live, letting you create automations based on ticket events and content. You can trigger rules when a ticket is created, replied to, assigned, linked to another ticket or when the value of a ticket field changes - like the urgency or impact is updated.

Screenshot of adding a rule trigger

Once a rule is triggered, you can add one or more conditions that check data on the ticket for a specific value. That means you can check to see if the title of a ticket contains a phrase you want to watch out for.

Screenshot of adding rule conditions

Then once you've got a trigger, you can add multiple actions that should be performed when the conditions match (or don't match!). That way you can find that important phrase you want to look out for, and then change the urgency of the ticket as it's created:

Screenshot of adding rule action

The wonders of automation are now in your hands!

We think the power of rule automation is something that will save you time every day. We're going to keep working to extend this feature further in the future.

Ticket Search Improvements

There was some confusion from users when using our ticket search, so we've cleaned up the UI in this area.

The broad title, ticket number and summary field now appear by default and get focus as soon as you click the search button since this is the most common search field to use. And then you can more clearly see the option for adding another search field to the form below that if you want to filter on other columns.

We also cleaned up some of the other filters you can add, making it clear the difference between Standard and Custom fields, and making sure that each of the options you get afterwards is ordered correctly.

Here's the old search:

Screenshot of old search form

And here's the new one:

Screenshot of new search form

People List Improvements

We've made a bunch of improvements to the People page, to help you see and filter down your agents, staff and customers more effectively.

The Person Type dropdown has been simplified, and we've improved our terminology to make it easier to filter down the people list:

Screenshot of Person Type

We've also cleaned up the Role dropdown to separate them into Agent, Staff and Customer roles:

Screenshot of Role

And finally we've added a new column that makes it immediately clear what type of person is being shown in the list:

Screenshot of Role

And the rest...

Reply Autosaving

Ticket replies are now automatically stored in local storage every 10 seconds, and you're warned if you try and leave the page having typed in a reply you haven't sent or discarded. Perfect for those moments when you accidentally close the wrong tab.

We'll also automatically restore your reply when you open the reply form again. Even if you've looked at another ticket in the meantime. So if your browser crashes, hopefully you don't lose that perfectly worded customer response.

Automatic Message Display

And speaking of responses, they now appear automatically. So if you're sitting looking at a ticket and a new message comes in from the customer - or another agent - it'll appear at the top of the message thread without you needing to refresh the page.

Notifications Marked as Read

Finally, notifications are automatically marked as read when you click through. Either because you click it in the notification panel at the top of the page, or you've clicked a notification link you got via email. That should mean less bells ringing to tell you something you already know.

That's our November release. We hope you enjoy it!