Enquiry Management

Supercharge your inbound enquiry handling

Shorten your Cycle

Accelerate your revenue by improving your inbound sales process. Capture all the relevant information quickly with a customisable enquiry form embedded into your own website. Understand what your customer needs quickly.

Improve Internal Communication

From a new sales lead to an existing prospect, Issuebear can help improve your internal communication using a shared ticket inbox and private notes on the enquiry, customer and their organisation. Let the whole team see what’s happening.

Custom Ticket Types

Handle different types of enquiries, whether you just need an open-ended text box, or need to ask specific questions to nail down their requirements. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling shoes, cars or holidays, you can customise a form to fit.

Knowledge Base

Create an internal sales bible in the Knowledge Base. Give your sales team the answers they need to answer inbound enquiries quickly with product summaries and best practices. Use Canned Responses to share common pricing quotes.

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Agent Dashboard

Agents can quickly see the tickets assigned to them, what they’re watching, pending tickets and more. Customise this dashboard with your own queues.

Customer Login

Let customers login to your ticket hub and see the tickets relevant to them, either from themselves or other members of their organisation.


Queues are lists of tickets matching specific criteria. We give you some sensible defaults, but you can always create your own.

Detailed List

See the important details of all your tickets, such as who created it, priority, the next SLA target, who last replied and when, and more.

Powerful Sidebar

See all the ticket information in one place, quickly click fields to edit the information, read organisation and user notes or search your knowledge base.

Ticket Messages

See the message history between you and your customer and easily switch between notes, attachments and related tickets.

Watch Tickets

Customers and agents can watch tickets they’re not involved in, so managers can make sure they’re kept in the loop.

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