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Stop managing your inbound support requests, enquiries and sales opportunities via email.

Issuebear is a help desk system for small teams. We'll help you be more efficient, more organised and delight your customers.

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Why Issuebear?

Everything you need

We want to make great customer service more accessible, which is why we provide the bear essentials without breaking the bank.

Simple not basic

You want to manage your inbound requests quickly and efficiently. We provide a flexible solution that allows you to do this effectively. It's that simple.

The little things

We concentrate on the little things so we can delight our users. We want our system to be a joy to use so your agents can spread that joy to your own customers.

Bear hugs

We're committed to listening to our customers to learn how we can serve you better. The friendly support bear is always there for you.

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Agent Dashboard

Agents can quickly see the tickets assigned to them, what they’re watching, pending tickets and more. Customise this dashboard with your own queues.

Customer Login

Let customers login to your ticket hub and see the tickets relevant to them, either from themselves or other members of their organisation.


Queues are lists of tickets matching specific criteria. We give you some sensible defaults, but you can always create your own.

Detailed List

See the important details of all your tickets, such as who created it, priority, the next SLA target, who last replied and when, and more.

Powerful Sidebar

See all the ticket information in one place, quickly click fields to edit the information, read organisation and user notes or search your knowledge base.

Ticket Messages

See the message history between you and your customer and easily switch between notes, attachments and related tickets.

Watch Tickets

Customers and agents can watch tickets they’re not involved in, so managers can make sure they’re kept in the loop.

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