Make sure everything is running tickety-boo

Ticket Count Report

Keep up-to-date on your incoming ticket flow with this report. See a count of tickets matching your chosen criteria within a specified date range, and how many you’ve had per hour, day or month. Display the data as a table, pie chart, bar chart or line graph and track the growth of a specific field. This lets you do things like see a pie chart of the organisations who have created tickets over the past month, or a line graph which compares the number of urgent tickets you have had each day for the past week.

Agent Activity Report

Measure agent performance with this report. See top level stats like who has closed the most tickets, written the most replies or received the most 5-star reviews. See statistics for each of your agents such as how many tickets they’ve resolved, participated in, added replies to, and the number of SLAs they’ve met. Use this information to set KPIs for your team and measure their effectiveness.

SLA Report

Service Level Agreements only matter if they can be measured, so this report can be seen by both agents and customer organisations. Report on how many tickets were impacted by an SLA, how many of them breached, how many breaches there were, and which SLA is the hardest to meet. See a list of all your SLAs – such as providing a first response within 1 hour on urgent tickets 95% of the time – and see how many tickets had that SLA and what percentage you achieved within your chosen timeframe, ticket type and inbox.

Ticket Feedback Report

When tickets are closed, you can choose to send the ticket creator a customer satisfaction (CSAT) feedback request where they can rate their satisfaction from 1 to 5 stars. This report lets you see how many feedback requests were sent and the number received, how satisfied your customers were, and a count of the positive, neutral, and negative responses. This is then broken down per agent and per organization, so not only can you see which agents are providing the best support, but which organisations are most satisfied - or dissatisfied - with your service.

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