Apr 2 2024

Top 5 Ticketing Tools for Streamlined Customer Service in 2024

Explore the best ticketing tools that streamline customer service for small businesses. Discover how top platforms like Issuebear can elevate your support experience.

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Mar 20 2024

How to Create a Knowledge Base as a Small Business

Step-by-step guide to building an effective knowledge base for your small biz. Discover how it enhances customer experience and efficiency.

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Mar 7 2024

How to Deescalate an Angry Customer in 5 Simple Steps

Master the art of de-escalating angry customers with our guide. Learn how listening, empathy, solutions, follow-up, and reflection can turn tides.

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Feb 22 2024

How to Cut Support Ticket Volume in Half: 7 Powerful Strategies Every Help Desk Must Know

Uncover unique strategies to proactively deal with support issues and reduce ticket volume.

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Feb 15 2024

Our February 2024 Release

What's new in Issuebear for February 2024.

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Feb 5 2024

Help Desk System Challenges: Common Issues and How to Overcome Them

Explore common help desk challenges and practical solutions to enhance your customer service workflow.

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Jan 22 2024

The 4 Pillars of Exceptional Help Desk Management

Discover the four key fundamentals to manage your help desk effectively and boost customer satisfaction.

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Jan 15 2024

How to Train Your Team for Help Desk Excellence in Just 10 Steps

Learn how proper training can empower your help desk team to deliver superior customer service.

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Jan 1 2024

The Psychological Side of Support: Understanding Customer Emotions

Underline the emotional aspect of customer service and learn how empathy can enhance your offering.

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Nov 7 2023

Our November 2023 Release

What's new in Issuebear for November 2023.

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Nov 4 2023

The Power of a Knowledge Base

Your knowledge base isn't just for your customers, it's for your staff too. Don't forget to spread the knowledge.

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Sep 30 2023

Why Email Fails as a Support Tool

Almost every business starts by providing support over email, but you'll find it quickly becomes a challenge.

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Jul 15 2023

Top 5 Help Desk Best Practices

Running a help desk isn't easy, but here are five things we think are worth thinking about when getting started.

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